Citizens Advice Lewisham

Who We Are:

Welcome to Citizens Advice Lewisham (CAL), an independent local charity celebrating 80 years of dedicated service to those living and working in the London Borough of Lewisham. Our team of staff and volunteers provides advice and information on a wide range of issues, including: Welfare benefits, Debt, Housing, Employment, Consumer Goods.
We are committed to providing an open and accessible service for all, but we are especially concerned for the most vulnerable.
We are the lead agency for Advice Lewisham, a partnership of information and advice providers across the borough. Together, we provide the freephone Lewisham Advice Line service.

Who We Can Help:

People who live, work or study in the London borough of Lewisham.

Area of Advice:

Welfare benefits, debt, employment, housing, immigration and other generalist advice. etc

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